Mount Shasta Elementary School, located 75 miles south of the Oregon border at the base of its 14,179 foot namesake, houses approximately 240 Transitional Kindergarten through 3rd grade students. Using Mt. Shasta as our daily inspiration, we work as a team to trek up the mountain of standards-based education. Our team consists of a half-time principal, twelve fully credentialed classroom teachers, three credentialed specialists, fifteen paraprofessionals, and fifteen support staff (including counselors) all working collaboratively to provide a quality education to all of our children academically, emotionally, and physically.

With a clear vision and goals to guide us, we provide a strong curriculum, effective teaching strategies, appropriate materials, and sufficient support to ensure all students become proficient in the standards. Through data-driven instruction, we maintain a balanced language arts and math program. Our students receive whole group instruction along with small group guided lessons that differentiate instruction. Rather than cutting science and social studies to focus on math and reading, we capitalize on our environment to enhance our science and social studies curricula. The Mount Shasta area offers many natural resources that can be incorporated into our outdoor science programs. Our garden, science lab, and grow labs provide hands-on science projects for full-school use. Through these programs, we integrate reading, writing, and math into our science and social studies curricula and offer myriad opportunities for our students to apply their skills to real world problems and their solutions.

Emotionally, our students and families are supported through a variety of classroom activities and community organizations. At school, students learn to resolve conflicts among themselves rather than expecting adults to intervene through our Peaceful Playground and Second Step programs. Our school counselors provide whole-class, small group, and one-to-one interventions for students' social/emotional wellness.  The Mt. Shasta Resource Center, Siskiyou Child Care Council, PIE (Partners in Education), The Mt. Shasta Education Foundation, and the Mt. Shasta Recreation Department are all an integral part of providing a well balanced education for our students. Our music program develops our students’ personalities, heritages, and emotions.  Parents and community volunteers are an integral part of our programs. Numerous parents and foster grandparents volunteer their time daily. These team members nurture our children’s lives by sharing their areas of expertise and providing individual attention and acknowledgment.

As we climb the mountain of standards-based education through our team of staff, parents, and the community, we are able to prepare our students academically, physically, socially, and emotionally for the journey of life.