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Sisson School

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    Sisson School is a 4-8th grade school within the Mt. Shasta Union Elementary School District. We have an enrollment of approximately 300 students. We are located in northern California, an hour south of the Oregon border along Interstate 5. The town is situated at the foot of 14,179 ft. Mt. Shasta.

    Sports Facts

    Total students: 292

         Male: 152

         Female: 140


    Total Athletes (to date this school year): 102

         Male: 47

         Female: 55


         Cross Country: 21

              Male: 18

              Female: 13


         Volleyball: 24

              A Team males: 0

              B Team males: 4

              A Team females: 13

              B Team females: 7


         Girls Basketball: 22

              A Team: 9

              B Team: 13


         Boys Basketball: 25

              A Team: 12

              B Team: 13



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    Sisson Calendar

    Our Vision

    Mount Shasta Union School District strives to be a leader of educational excellence in the State of California.

    Our Mission

    The mission of the Mount Shasta Union School District is to promote a system of educational excellence providing the opportunity for all students to become productive citizens and achieve high academic standards.

    Note to parents